A Docu-Fiction Based on True Events



This “docu-fiction / docu-drama” is based on true events and real-life accounts.

The characters and their names depicted in the film are the product of fiction and are portrayed by skilled actors. While certain elements have been altered or embellished for dramatic purposes, the core narrative remains rooted in real historical occurrences.

About The Film

Step into the darkness of the often misunderstood relationship phenomenon of narcissism and those that wield its power, and those that have survived it. We follow the lives of three survivors as they narrate their tragic experiences.

A desperate foreigner with the chance to live her dream of staying in Germany, but only if she can endure marrying a manipulative man who will use her dream against her. Next, we discover how one man’s quest for a better life will trap him to marry an affluent woman who comes from a family of narcissists. Last, we go darker with an aspiring actress who is manipulated by a well-known casting director with a dark secret.

At the same time, we interject real testimonies from psychiatrists and psychologists to help explain to our viewing audience the complexities of narcissists and their red flags. By sharing these stories we will bring narcissism out of the darkness and into the light in hopes that it will educate to prevent others from suffering from this epidemic, and that it might inspire others to free themselves from the chains of their narcissist.

Proof of Concept

Inspired by true events, we follow three unique survivors and their tragic stories of how they were manipulated and suffered being stuck in a web of falling in love with a narcissistic partner.

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About The Production Company

AlefCine Pictures is a young, and nevertheless, fast-growing production company in Berlin, Germany, active since 2022.

The company owner Stefanie Schmahl started her career by studying acting at the renowned William Esper Studio in New York City and through that, not only gained acting experience and insights into the industry, but also found her passion for storytelling.

Both guiding forces of the company, Stefanie Schmahl and Ali Schmahl, lived and worked in numerous different countries and cultures and with that, explored the film industry from various perspectives.

They got an understanding of how different countries approach a production their unique way, how to build international relationships and what types of stories could work for which territories.

The company is very well connected internationally and AlefCine Pictures’ focus is set on impactful and commercial high-end feature films for the international market.

Meet the Crew

Stefanie Schmahl / Producer

Stefanie Schmahl studied acting at the renowned William Esper Studio in New York City, where she discovered her passion for acting and film production. Following her studies, she returned to Germany and started carving her path as actor and producer. Her short film “Anniversary” screened in more than 20 film festivals and earned her 6 Awards for Best Actress. By founding her own film production company in 2022, she took her career to the next level.

Ali Schmahl / Producer & Director

Ali Schmahl has been working in the film industry for over a decade, acquiring skill sets in almost every position within a variety of productions. He started producing and directing short films and distributed them to international film festivals. His films have screened in more than 80 festivals and won more than 25 awards. In 2018, he committed to his vision of producing promising international feature films which let him to shot his first feature documentary “Privileg” following the life of a person from the LGBTQIA+ community. This film premiered in Zoo Palast in January 2024, is available on Amazon Prime in the UK and US and will have its German theatre release at the end of 2024.

Dallas King / Writer

Dallas released already 4 feature films as a director, producer, and writer including the award-winning documentary, "The Bill Murray Experience", starring Bill Murray. Right after this, he produced the action thriller, "Kiss Kiss", released domestically by 1091 Pictures. Following the success of "Kiss Kiss", China's largest web network, iQiYi, signed Dallas to produce a similar feature, "Ink & Rain", which premiered in Beijing, China. Off this momentum he was hired to direct the feature web series, "BWFC", by Crunchyroll, the makers of One Piece & Dragon Ball Z. Next, he completed the TV Pilot, "Plur", which was funded and distributed by the former Fusion TV.

Meet the Experts

Dr. Ramani Durvasula

Dr. Ramani Durvasula is a licensed clinical psychologist in Los Angeles, CA, Professor Emerita of Psychology at California State University, Los Angeles, and the Founder and CEO of LUNA Education, Training & Consulting, a company focused on educating individuals, clinicians and businesses/institutions on the impact of narcissistic personality styles. She received her BA from the University of Connecticut, and her MA and Ph.D. from UCLA, and completed her clinical training at the UCLA Neuropsychiatric Institute. She is an author of multiple books including New York Times Best Seller It's Not You: Identifying and Healing from Narcissistic People (February 2024), Should I Stay or Should I Go: Surviving A Relationship with a Narcissist, and "Don't You Know Who I Am?": How to Stay Sane in an Era of Narcissism, Entitlement, and Incivility. Dr. Durvasula is a faculty member for the APA Leadership Institute for Women in Psychology, and a consulting editor for the journal Behavioral Medicine, and her academic research was focused on the impact of personality and personality disorders on health and behavior. She has spoken widely on the impact of narcissism on mental health, relationships and the workplace. She also operates a popular YouTube channel and podcast (Navigating Narcissism). Dr. Durvasula has also developed an educational and certification program for clinicians working with clients experiencing the fallout of narcissistic relationships.

Kerry Kerr McAvoy, Ph.D.

Kerry Kerr McAvoy, Ph.D., a retired psychologist and author, is an expert on cultivating healthy relationships and deconstructing narcissism. Her blogs have been featured in Mamami, YourTango, Scary Mommy, and The Good Men Project. In her memoir, Love You More: The Harrowing Tale of Lies, Sex Addiction, & Double Cross, Dr. McAvoy gives an uncensored glimpse into her survival of narcissistic abuse, and her workbooks, First Steps to Leaving a Narcissist: A Guide to Resolving Cognitive Dissonance and Surviving to Thriving: A Six-Step Roadmap to Narcissistic Abuse Healing & Recovery, a Narcissist (co-written with Lisa Sonni), help victims break free from the confusion common in abusive relationships. She hosts the Breaking Free from Narcissistic Abuse podcast and offers trauma-related advice on social media.

Lisa Sonni

Lisa Sonni is a survivor of domestic assault and narcissistic abuse and her first-hand experience has led her to where she is today – a Life & Relationship Coach who helps clients of all genders and walks of life overcome challenges stemming from traumatic partnerships. Her expertise is geared towards getting clients to a good space in their lives and within themselves. She is the author of four books, including the Trauma Bond Recovery Journal, and Narcissism Unmasked, and a breakthrough online course called The Trauma Bond Recovery Course. She is a popular content creator under the handle Stronger Than Before, and a regular guest on the highly rated podcast Breaking Free from Narcissistic Abuse.

Manjit Ruprai

Manjit Ruprai is a qualified and experienced Counsellor, EMDR Therapist, and Clinical Hypnotherapist, specializing in the recovery from narcissistic abuse. She first came across narcissistic abuse after speaking to a friend who is also a counsellor. Her friend mentioned narcissism and co-dependency which sparked her interest and prompted her to start researching it. She then came to the realisation that she had been a victim of narcissistic abuse for most of her life. Her personal experience of narcissistic abuse has given her knowledge and insight to help other victims and to show understanding and compassion to those impacted. Her own experiences have enabled her to work with clients in a non- judgmental, empathetic, and supportive manner, aiding them in their healing and recovery.

Richard Grannon

Richard Grannon studied psychology at Aston University in Birmingham/UK and is an NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) Master Practitioner. Grannon's interest in narcissistic abuse stems from his own experience. As part of his psychological training, he began to see the patterns in it. His YouTube channel is one of the most famous on the subject today. Grannon offers various online courses and in his work, he uses elements from NLP, cognitive behavioral therapy, Zen meditation and psychodynamics, among others. His ideas are also inspired by the culture of the Asian martial arts.

Danielle Radin

Danielle Radin is an Emmy award winning journalist, author, psychotraumatologist and certified domestic violence counselor. Her daily videos on YouTube and TikTok about narcissistic personality disorder are viewed by millions of survivors. She is the author of “Navigating Narcissists” available on Amazon. She is also the founder of the Narcissistic Abuse Recovery Center. Through her online narcissistic abuse recovery coaching, she helps people process and navigate NPD on six continents.

Emma Davey

Emma Davey is the CEO and Founder of My Trauma Therapy Limited and The MyNARA App (My Narcissistic Abuse Recovery App). She is multi award winner MBACP Trauma Informed Therapist and Narcissistic Abuse Specialist. She is also the founder of Victims of Abuse Support Group (MyNARA) (35,000 members). She is known as Media Expert in Narcissistic Abuse as well. She is featured in: Closer Magazine, Daily Mail Online, BBC Radio, Talk Radio, Grazier Magazine, The Sun Newspaper, The Metro, NetDoctor, That’s Life Magazine, Yahoo, MSN, The Telegraph Newspaper and more.

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